Mission Statement

“Our purpose is clear and we hold fast to the simple truth that Jesus Christ, through His death and resurrection, offers eternal hope to those who believe.” ~Bill Rittinger

Our Mission

Every bike will eventually have a mechanical problem. If not corrected, it will fail to serve its intended purpose. Jesus taught that every human has a spiritual problem and, if it is not addressed, we will fail to fulfill our intended purpose. Thankfully, there is hope.

Mechanical problems are due to the laws of physics such as decay (or entropy). Replace the failing parts and the problem goes away. Spiritual problems stem from something else, every bit as immutable as physical laws. We see the effects – corruption, hatred, greed, and every other evil. We see it in others and some can see it in themselves. The root problem is that we do not (and cannot) love God as completely as we were intended – this is God’s first law. Our inability to keep His law is called sin.

Unlike mechanical problems, we cannot just replace the “bad part.” God’s law requires justice to be served, and the penalty is death. We are helpless, unable to live a life free of sin. But God proved His love by coming in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ, as the sinless God-man. With His death He paid the penalty, not for any wrong He had done, but for our disobedience.

What’s amazing about Jesus isn’t His death, for everyone’s earthly life ends, but that He rose from the dead, proving what He had accomplished. He now brings repair for our brokenness, having taken our death so we can live with God, devoted to Him now and forever.

This life is received for the same price as my work here – it’s free. It can’t be bought, earned, nor deserved. The only way to receive this gift is through faith. That means trusting only Him to rescue us from our sin and its eternal consequences, believing that He can heal our broken souls.

If you have questions about this or would like me to pray with you or for you, please ask.

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