Partner With Us

We don’t accept cash on site for services rendered. We truly believe that in order to serve our community without any strings attached there can’t be, well… strings. What we do impacts the community and we would be remiss if we didn’t allow avenues for others to partner with us and share the blessing. There are a number of ways that you can draft behind us on this tour.

One of them is by praying for us. Pray for good weather on Saturdays in the months of May and June. The weather plays a part in who comes by the clinic. The more sun, the more fun! Pray that God gets the glory for this endeavor. Pray for the connections we make with people; that this encounter blesses them. Pray for protection. Covid – 19 protocols are in place and we work hard at providing a safe environment for interaction. Pray for our volunteers who sacrifice so much of their time in order to bring this service to the community.

You can make donations to the churches who support us. Dexter Gospel church and Scio Community church both supply us with funds that help mitigate the costs of inventory like tires, tubes, cables and such. Both churches also send volunteers to train and serve. You can ear-mark your donation to ensure it gets to us directly, or simply support those who support us.

You can also make a donation to Wish-A-Mile. You can help make transformational wishes come true for Michigan children battling critical illnesses by donating. This is the 35th annual Wish-A-Mile Bicycle Tour happening July 28-31, 2022. To find out more visit the Make-A-Wish home page.

Finally, we are a non-profit company that has no office overhead and is staffed completely by volunteers. That means any donations you send to us goes directly into purchasing equipment to put people back on the road. We can supply you with a receipt for your tax deductions. Send donations or correspondence care of Bill Rittinger at 8830 Redstone Drive Pinckney, MI 48169.

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