Serving the Dexter, Michigan Community

We are proud to work with the Dexter Farmer’s Market located on Alpine street on Saturdays from 8:00am through 1:00pm in the months of May and June. If our location changes, (due to covid protocols for social distancing as it did in 2020) we will let you know both here and on our Facebook page.

Use our scheduling app to make an appointment for the 2022 season. Spaces are filling up quickly, so reserve your spot.

Common Repairs

 Free air

 Replace tires, tubes, rim strips

 Adjust brakes

 Adjust derailleurs

 Straighten/true wheels

 Degrease sprockets and chain rings

¨Lube chain

Why am I doing this for free?

First, I love bicycling and enjoy seeing others benefit from the same experience. I have logged many miles around the Dexter–Chelsea area and across Michigan. In 2007 my family visited Montana, where I rode with my daughters along the Missouri river, following the Lewis and Clark expedition trail. That trip opened my eyes to the value of non-motorized pathways. Returning to Michigan, I became interested in the Border-to-Border Trail planned for Dexter. When it opened, I was convinced it would catch on and realized a station to help travelers with repairs would be helpful.

Second, as a Christian, I am called to love my neighbors just as God loves me. True love shows itself in serving and blessing others in real and practical ways.

Repairing bikes is a unique way I can do this, and I hope it may provide a glimpse into the kind of love God has for people. With my hands, tools, and a little gift of time, I can repair bicycles at no cost to you; God offers a much better gift that cost him dearly. If you want to know more, I am happy to share.